Pharma and MedTech Compliance Specialist

Yana Budel

Yana Budel is the Pharma and MedTech Compliance Specialist at GCO Global and is based in the Netherlands. GCO Global is a full-service organization delivering strategic meeting management solutions for the Life-Sciences industry. She is an experienced professional, who has worked in the meetings and events services industry for the past four years, assisting pharma and medtech companies, as well as medical associations. She is skilled in legal analysis and advice in relation to various topics, such as compliance risks in relation to digital transformation of stakeholder engagements; cross-border stakeholder engagement; Transfer of Value reporting, among many others.

Global Marketing & Innovations Strategist

Renata Lerch

Renata Lerch is a hands-on leader with international experience in Fortune 500, consulting, not-for-profit associations and advertising agencies. She has managed marketing, market development and customer engagement teams for over 20 years, delivering successful programs in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. She is the founder of Integrated Niche, a global and Agile Marketing think tank.

Meeting Designer

David Benitez

David Benitez helps design and curate event programmes whether face to face, virtual or in a hybrid world, using s a “human 2 human” approach. In 2015, David founded CoCoA - a B2B experimental marketing events consultation company that provide designed programmes in the business events world. He is currently consulting on some of Jacob Media Group's (JMG) event programmes helping them achieve sustainable growth in each of the projects he is involved in. Prior to this, he successfully launched the award-winning educational summits called “IBTM Talks” with Reed Travel Exhibitions. He was also part of the team that launched and managed “Evento Days”, the leading events industry exhibition in Spain.

Meeting Designer

Mike van der Vijver

Mike has almost 25 years’ experience in the meeting industry, initially as conference interpreter and subsequently as Meeting Designer through Mindmeeting, the company he co-founded. In addition, he is an executive consultant and coach on national and organisational culture. Mike regularly provides content at international conferences. Mike was also a former member of the board of the Italian Chapter of MPI, a former member of Itim, the Institute for Training in Intercultural Management and former Board member of Congrestolkensecretariaat (Conference Interpreters) of Amsterdam. He has authored the book “Into the Heart of Meetings”

Meeting Designer

Eric de Groot

Eric is one of the first Meeting Designers. His pioneering work started in 1992; now he caters to the national (Dutch) market in De Wet van Thomas and internationally in MindMeeting. Thanks to his background in drama he takes a broad, human perspective to meetings and meeting processes. Eric regularly conducts workshops and learning sessions for professionals in the meeting industry as well as in other educational contexts. Eric was also a former member of the MPI task force: “The Future of Meetings”. He lives in the Netherlands, and has written the book “Into the Heart of Meetings”

Tech & Community Expert

Marc Mekki

Marc Mekki is the co-founder of Bond: designers and builders of virtual communities and events. Bond was created to foster relationships and engagement between real people in a virtual world. Marc previously built a successful tourism business in China where he lived for 14 years. He is a frequent advisor to organizations and companies in need of a future-oriented audit of their technological capabilities and needs. Marc has been a keynote speaker for brands like Amadeus, The Dorchester Collection, Barcelona Tourism and Travel Weekly.

International Pitch Coach

David Beckett

David Beckett is an international pitch coach, who has trained over 1100 Startups to win over €295Million in investment. He's also trained more than 16,000 professionals at companies such as, Tommy Hilfiger, ING, PwC and Google in 29 countries, as well as over 30 TEDx speakers. He has also brought his pitch methodology to talks at the ICCA conference, and trained organisations such as Visit Oslo, Visit Brussels and Wonderful Copenhagen. David is the creator of The Pitch Canvas©, and the author of the book Pitch To Win.

Strategy Instructor

Juanita Vorster

Juanita Vorster’s experience working with associations in various disciplines stretches over almost a decade. She combines this experience with the lessons she continues to learn as successful entrepreneur and non-executive director to provide highly practical and jargon free advice to association directors, executives and senior managers. Juanita is also the founder of a company that specialises in outsourced communication services for associations.

CEO of #Meet4Impact & Impact Strategist

Genevieve Leclerc

Geneviève has 25 years of experience in congress management and consultancy for associations, having worked for a PCO, for international associations and as an independent consultant. She is currently the Managing Director of an international scientific society and a social entrepreneur, having founded two organizations supporting the business events industry, #Meet4Impact and Caravelle Strategies. Her current focus is developing an evidence-based practice of social impact in our sector and accelerating the business events sector’s commitment to sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Geneviève is also involved in several projects that apply social innovation principles and generate social impact. In recent years, she has founded a network of international associations in Montreal and is very active on the social innovation scene in her home city.

PR & Communication Specialist

Bade Kızılaslan

Bade Kızılaslan is a communication and public relations specialist with experience in associations and news media. She develops communication strategies for associations. These strategies include social media management, membership engagement, partnerships with peer organisations, managing press relations and organising promotional events. Driven by a passion for communication and storytelling, she founded Pera PR & Communication Consultancy to provide outsourced services to associations. She is currently in charge of communication and events of a Brussels based trade association.