Associations are social purpose organisations and as such, their delivery on their mission is essential to their existence. Gaining a good understanding of how they are serving their mission and how they are catalysing progress for the community they represent provides the organisation with a powerful narrative that supports its value proposition. But do associations really understand well the change that they drive in their own community? This course explores the Theory of Change as the primary model for assessing impact in non-profit organizations and discusses the added value for associations of bringing impact at the core of their service model. You have to register/be signed in to watch this course.

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CEO of #Meet4Impact & Impact Strategist

Genevieve Leclerc

Geneviève has 25 years of experience in congress management and consultancy for associations, having worked for a PCO, for international associations and as an independent consultant. She is currently the Managing Director of an international scientific society and a social entrepreneur, having founded two organizations supporting the business events industry, #Meet4Impact and Caravelle Strategies. Her current focus is developing an evidence-based practice of social impact in our sector and accelerating the business events sector’s commitment to sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Geneviève is also involved in several projects that apply social innovation principles and generate social impact. In recent years, she has founded a network of international associations in Montreal and is very active on the social innovation scene in her home city.

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